Our Story

Passion, Legacy, Love and Faith

 Sunset Farm Designs was created with passion, legacy, love and faith. We are family owned, and bring over 25 years of experience and passion to the table.​

Passion: We are driven by strong internal passion for design, crafting, art, and decorating.​

Legacy: My father owned and operated a screen print and embroidery business for 30+ years, and working closely with him has been a great pleasure. Since his passing in 2016, I vowed to carry on his legacy and gift for printing creations. 

​Love: We have a strong love for our family, God, the world around us, and our work.

​Faith: There have been times in our lives if we didn't have faith, I'm not sure we would be where we are today!​We look forward to making new friends, and creating custom designs for you for years to come.

Unique Boutique Style

The vision and desire to share unique products went beyond our own creations.  Our passion for handmade, unique gifts brings our desire to share other local artist's work. 

Small Town Customer Service

Our customer service has the small town family, friendly appeal. Having a true love and passion for helping others reflects heavily in our customer service as a small town business.